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Lets make something!! These two hour classes are “How-To” workshops where you’ll learn everyday, valuable holistic life skills for you and your family:

“Cold and Flu Season Health Kit” – How to make Elderberry Syrup, GOOT  & Non-Petroleum based Vapour Rub

“Cutting out the Dairy” – How to make Nut Milk, Cashew Sour Cream & Nut Cheese

“Fermenting and Pickling Basics” – How to make Kombucha, KimChi & Pickled Onions

“Canning Tomatoes” – How to can tomatoes. Only available in September

“Jamming” – Making and canning simple jams and fruit sauces. Only available in late spring

Does your group need something special?  Let’s plan something together!


Generally running about hour long these are fun & informative talks followed by a Q & A period. These are great for parenting, school and/or community groups.

How to Read Food Labels

Why is going Gluten Free so Popular? What are the Health Benefits and Buyer Beware

Food and it’s connection with behavioral issues and mood disorders

Need something specific?  Let’s talk and we can build the right presentation for your group

Cooking Classes – Private or Small Groups

Choose seminar subjects or let’s create a menu together. Just make sure you remember an apron because you’ll be doing some of the cooking!


Need catering for a small group or just a few special dishes to make sure your guests with allergies are well fed?  Let me take the pressure off, so you can enjoy your event.

Kitchen Overhauls –

Are you suddenly faced with a major dietary change in your family?  A family member diagnosed with Celiac? ADHD? Aspergers or Autism? Not sure what to start? I I can help you through the overwhelming task of learning label reading, getting through the basics and finding your family’s road back to being healthy.

Guest Posts

If you would like to guest post here at The Accidental Food Blogger or would like me to write a post for you, we need to talk!  Please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

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