Beet Noodles Salad

I can always tell when my auto-immune is being mismanaged because I can’t focus.  I can’t see projects through and I feel easily overwhelmed.  Motivation is absent, exhaustion is present and my brain doesn’t work. Remember my last post about June and it’s attempts at homicide?  Well there are a few days left and it […]

Tuna Salad Boats

I wish the weather would finally decide weather it is going to be winter or spring (see what I did there?)  This year the seasons have felt particularly weird.  More and more of us are getting sick as the temperature fluctuates 10-12 degrees in one afternoon.  Yes I know that temperature or wet hair in […]

Summer sucking and Pesto Pasta Salad

Here I am, up all night tryin’ to get the work done.  Trying to find a quiet moment to myself to put thoughts in a row.  A quiet moment to pay attention to one thing for any stretch of time without being interrupted by a ‘watch this Mummy’, ‘Gabe did’, or a loud crash.  These […]

Lemony Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken

I worked for a few years at a ‘fancy’ restaurant where we did table side Caesar salads.  I loathed when someone ordered one but also prided myself on making a pretty good one… least it was how I like my caesar – garlicly, lemony with just the right amount of cheese and anchovy.  There are […]

Fennel and Orange Salad

Please excuse my delay in posting – I am on holiday… a ‘real’ holiday with no wi-fi. Luckily we are still cooking and eating and taking pictures…or as they say in the South (where I am) “cookin’ n’ eatin’ n’ picture takin’”. I am now in a small town library editin’ photos and doin’ a […]

Quinoa with cranberries, nuts and seeds

Still trying to eat ourselves out of house and home and I continue to clean out the cupboards.  It is amazing the crazy stuff you come up with when you are determined to not buy more. Yes I have had to make more nut milk and there have been the few things we had to […]

Toasted Sesame Carrot and Goat Cheese Salad

Tonight’s dinner was decidedly orange.  It wasn’t planned that way but more ended up that way out of necessity.  We are tee minus 10 days from leaving for holiday so I am trying to buy as little groceries as possible and use up as many perishables as I can invent into a meal. Last weekends […]

Watermelon Salad part deux

I know I know……ANOTHER watermelon salad!?!?  Most people don’t even have one in their recipe repertoire but here I am posting another one….I’m crazy like that. I love salads that have some fruit in them or in this case, that are almost all fruit.  It all plays into the Sweet/Salty/Savory combo that I adore……having interesting […]

Watermelon salad

On the never ending quest to get the family to eat healthy I am also searching out new recipes.  One of my favourite sources is the local health food shop and it’s vegetarian deli/cafe.  While I am looking through the glass at that days selections I take secretly pictures of the dishes and their ingredients […]

The Mighty Chickpea

Oh Chickpea how I love thee……The mighty chickpea…….My wonder pea…….I could write poetry about thee(it is NOT easy to rhyme ‘thee’ with ‘thee’…….and you’re welcome…) I think the chickpea is one of natures greatest inventions.  Not only are they really good for you but they can be made into so many things…..and I like to […]