Real Mama Life = Humiliation

In the on-going struggle to reclaim my health after years of illness with an auto-immune disease I am now subject to this kind of humiliation….apparently best served by the deft hands of my children. My doctor has sent me for ‘stool testing’ (bare with me, it gets worse) to be collected at home (thank god) […]

Allowed out in Public

Parenting Article November 2012 edition an article written for another publication Me and the cousin in Time’s Square’s bleechers My twins turned five in October.  It has been a long five years that has also flown by.  I still remember, like a dream-like-state, that first year.  The endless nights full of sleep deprived hallucinations, and […]

Why I shouldn’t be allowed in public

This week I have had two ridiculous thing happen to me….. Today I scrubbed the bathroom floor.  Today I threw my back out while on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor.  Today I crawled, crying, out of the bathroom to the living room rug barely clearing a spot on the floor of the […]

How I was bitch-slapped by Ikea

My husband and I thought that today would be a good day to go to Ikea (never in your wildest dreams is a long weekend day the time to go to Ikea but we like to delude ourselves on occasion) We didn’t need much, some coat hangers and maybe a storage box or two but […]

Because I have no sense of time

I realized yesterday that my ‘summer hiatus’ from my recipe column is over and my first one is due ….well today!!!  I can procrastinate with the best of them but this isn’t a case of that.  This is me having no sense of time.  This is me getting lost in the sunshine, long days, homemade […]

Amazingly Intense, Potent and Brilliant Body

Virgo Horoscope for week of October 11, 2007 “The faintest star in the night sky is Van Biesbroeck’s star. It’s only about as big as the Earth and is just .002 percent as luminous as our sun. Every other heavenly light outshines it. From one perspective, then, it’s a puny little thing. And yet it […]

Full of shit

Today while waiting in the car while the darling husband quickly went to the bank machine, a cube truck stopped at the red light beside the car. The side of the truck was advertising some mortgage company’s commitment to me owning a home which I don’t at the moment. The picture was a woman falling […]

Bone Tired

I’m tired. The kind of tired where I’m too tired to worry about what I should be doing but too tired to sleep. I just can’t think. Life isn’t easy right now but there is nothing I can do about it. I am currently learning the hardest lesson of my life, faith in the universe […]

My Cheatin Heart

It’s true. I have been unfaithful……….I am cheating on MySpace. After defending it’s honour so many times, I have turned to Facebook. The spouse has had tons of luck finding loads of old grade and highschool and college chums. He is the most popular guy at Facebook. He found his grade three first girlfriend……….and a […]

making new school chums

So I have been back to school for 2 days……that’s 3 classes so far. And I am already struggling with some of the very young girls in our class. Yesterday in our very first class a young maybe 20 year old who I will call…….um ‘Oxana’ was about 20 minutes late for class. The campus […]