Self Regulation

I finally calapsed under the family pressure to get the stomach flu/bug this household has been dealing with this week. I heard all the cool kids are doing it so I had to take a serious look at myself and decide “am I really too cool for this?” the answer was a resounding “NO!!”. As […]

Alone in a Crowd

This past weekend my family and I joined friends for the annual tree cutting.  Every year the same group of families go to the same farm and ride the hay ride out into the fields to pick our Christmas trees, cut them down and head to one of our homes for hot chocolate and lunch. […]

Allowed out in Public

Parenting Article November 2012 edition an article written for another publication Me and the cousin in Time’s Square’s bleechers My twins turned five in October.  It has been a long five years that has also flown by.  I still remember, like a dream-like-state, that first year.  The endless nights full of sleep deprived hallucinations, and […]

The Business of Blogging

I am going into business…..for myself.  The business of blogging.  It seems so strange after all the school’n I have had, the subjects I have studied, that this is what sticks. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately.  This will change soon.  I am currently working behind the scenes-  […]

What’s Mine, What’s Yours and the Marriage of the Two

I was raised by a single mom.  I have a dad but he wasn’t around a lot.  They split up when I was two.  I have little to no memory of them as a couple.  I have memories of the house that we lived in when they were together but my dad lived there for […]


My husband and I aren’t ‘big dealers’.  We don’t make a big deal about stuff.  We rarely celebrate our own birthdays with much flair (I make a bigger deal about his generally) and we almost never do much about our wedding anniversary (he was away camping on our first wedding anniversary while I was home […]

making new school chums

So I have been back to school for 2 days……that’s 3 classes so far. And I am already struggling with some of the very young girls in our class. Yesterday in our very first class a young maybe 20 year old who I will call…….um ‘Oxana’ was about 20 minutes late for class. The campus […]

Clearing my Throat of all Blame

The Beasts in the cave have been fighting!! No, not just fighting – screaming! There is something soooo weird about not knowing anything about someone’s life except what they fight about. She thinks that he is lazy and messy and could do more around the house.He thinks that she is nagging and shouldn’t take her […]

To breed or not to breed

It’s late and I can’t sleep. I am feeling overwhelmed…..and for some reason mad. I few posts ago I mentioned that I have the opportunity to return to school. My amazing spouse has offered to look after our finances if I want to ‘continue my education’ This is a huge gift and one that I […]

deal breakers II

The biggest failings or deal breakers in my memory are of friendships not romantic relationships. AT least they are my most interesting… Crissy – She was so painfully insecure that she had to sleep with every boy that we (my best girl and I) thought was cute. We would be out at a club together […]