Make your own Baby Bum Spray

My kids are now 5 1/4 years old now.  They are learning to read and write.  They are going to be in grade one in the fall.  So why write about baby stuff?  Well I have had a few email questions about what I did when it came to diapering my kids.  So I thought […]

My Good Morning Coffee

This road to recovery is so much longer than I anticipated.  I thought when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease that it meant my health issues were solved.  That finally they would have a path and a treatment plan for my on-going symptoms.  It is almost 5 years later (since the diagnoses) and I am […]

The Health Benefits of Using Cast Iron

Those of you with children will remember those first few months when you brought the first one home.  The auto-pilot daze you went into.  A survival mode of sorts.  Well, times that buy 50 and you have bringing home preemie twins with medical issues. It is possibly one of the worst ways to be welcomed […]

Sweets from the Earth

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of being invited to join the Food Bloggers table at The Gluten Free Expo – Toronto.  I got the invite from Jax at Gluten Free Ontario which was a surprise and flattering.  And Oh Boy am I glad that I went!!  Not only is Jax super nice […]

French Kitchen Presents

One of the nice things about this past holiday – and there were only a few – was seeing my parents after a long stretch in-between visits because of their 5 week tour through France and parts of England (life is rough eh?).  We usually see my mom once a month or at least by […]

Product review – Moo Goo

I belong to quite a few groups on FaceBook and have a few web sites that I visit often.  One of the FaceBook groups that I belong to is ‘Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children’.  Not only is it a great resource for vaccine information but as a group we help each other out with all […]