57 Momths

Dear Twinnies Not a good month, not a great summer…….pictures tell the story better than I could It started out great with an easy fun drive down to our house in North Carolina  Everyone traveled so well.  I had packed lots of snacks, we had the car DVD player hooked up and 3/4 of the […]

56 Momths

Dear Beebs and Chooch, This was one of those crazy months when there was something planned for every second of every day.  Every weekend was a birthday party, event or some other form of crazy.  One of our busiest weekends Daddy was away for one of his annual Boyz Weekend. It started with Daddy’s annual […]

55 Momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabe This month wasn’t just busy it has been insane.  I like to be busy but this the kind of busy where even the fun things seem like too much.  I kept searching the calendar looking for a day with nothing planned but couldn’t find one. The month started out with a […]

54 Momths and 4 1/2 years

Dear Bedo and Gabes, Another busy month!! We had Unka Terry play guitar and sing at the school one afternoon.  We went and had a crafty afternoon with Elizabeth and her family.  We also had a surprise weekend visit from cousin Amy who had a business trip up this way and an afternoon at Fantasy […]

53 Momths

Dear Mister Todge and Beanie Weanie, This was actually a pretty lame month.  I got sick….sick in a way I haven’t been sick like in my whole life.  Big Daddy had to take days off work because I couldn’t even get out of bed.  All I could do was sleep.  I thought I was almost […]

52 Momths

Dear Bea and Gabe, Here we are another month later. And although I don’t have the monthly major landmarks that happen when you are little, every month new fantastic crazy things are happening.  From your ability to express yourself to making crazy connections between things.  Often connections I haven’t thought of in a long time […]


Dear Twin A and Twin B, 51 months eh?  Almost 51 newsletters and I don’t think I have expressed enough how much I feel honoured to be your mom.  You guys are really the most amazing little weirdos a mom could ever ask for. This month was busy for me but pretty tame for you […]

50 Momths

Dear Bea and Gabe…..Chicklettes, Twinnies, Littles, Loveys…. Every reason I wanted to have a baby…every reason I wanted to create a family was all about the holidays.  It was the holidays that I dreamed of when I was going through IVF.  It was the craziness of Christmas morning that I wished for.  This year, at […]

49 Momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabe This month was full of preparations for Christmas, family house guests and the Santa Clause Parade. We are in a great school routine and you guys really love it.  We have had wonderful fall/winter weather so we have been spending a lot of time outside especially after school. Developmentally you just […]

48 Momths – The tale of two parties

And then we were four…….