Organic Food: Is it Safer and More Nutritious?

Do you try to eat organic? All organic? Some organic? If it’s on sale? Why do you eat organic? Or why don’t you? Do you know why your life and the life of the planet might depend on it? What is organic? The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. […]

Bad Colds, Flus and Bone Broth

Yes and my plight continues……I am still sick.  For those of you counting I am into week four.  It seems insane to me but here I am and for the most part I have done all the right things.  I say for the most part because I am sure I should be and should’ve been […]

Why I shouldn’t be allowed in public

This week I have had two ridiculous thing happen to me….. Today I scrubbed the bathroom floor.  Today I threw my back out while on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor.  Today I crawled, crying, out of the bathroom to the living room rug barely clearing a spot on the floor of the […]

Product review – Moo Goo

I belong to quite a few groups on FaceBook and have a few web sites that I visit often.  One of the FaceBook groups that I belong to is ‘Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children’.  Not only is it a great resource for vaccine information but as a group we help each other out with all […]

Who is your marketing person??

Dear Gaylord Hotels and Resorts I am sure your resorts are beautiful. And that your rooms are well appointed (and I assume well decorated). I would bet that all the food is thoughtfully made and totally on trend. And I will jump to the conclusion that no detail is missed……….but WHO ok’ed your marketing plan […]

Guest Posting Part II

The second part of my guest post The Delicate Ego of the Modern Parent went up on Saturday but I am currently living internet-free and will be for another week. Here is a link to Part 2

Because I love it

There are a million things that I think are a total waste of money and I hate that these things are sold to us like we couldn’t live without them.  A good one is the idea of all the baby crap that we are told is necessary when you have a baby.  Most of it […]

It’s gettin real…..

Kids are smart

I love finding stuff like this.  I love grassroots learning and when results can been seen by a child.   Now if that potato still has enough life force to sprout and start to grow vines in a week, imagine how good it is for you.


Did you see the show where they made a family store all their garbage in their garage for A YEAR?!?!  It was a horrible overflowing stinky mess and the family learned about waste…..lesson learned l guess. But even if you are making the choice of the product with less packaging, if your city/town/county/area doesn’t have […]