Head Lice Repellant

YAY!!!  Another thing to bring home from school!!  If it isn’t the endless list of colds, viruses and illnesses, the pockets full of wood chips or sand to clog the washing machine, the bags full of unfinished art, it’s the dreaded note that YOU have a child with head lice!! OH the shame….. Here are […]

Vapour Rub

Have you ever watched that show My Strange Addiction?  Yeah me neither…..but did you see the one episode where the woman would eat tubs of Vick’s Vapor Rub?  She said that she loved the smell so much that she had to eat it……..I guess it makes more sense than eating the stuffing out of throw […]

Make your own Baby Bum Spray

My kids are now 5 1/4 years old now.  They are learning to read and write.  They are going to be in grade one in the fall.  So why write about baby stuff?  Well I have had a few email questions about what I did when it came to diapering my kids.  So I thought […]

Elderberry Syrup – The anti-sick boost

I am sick of being sick.  I gave up gluten after being sick for almost a year.  If I wasn’t coming down with something I was just getting over it, to come down with something else.  I think I spent 2 weeks of that year not blowing my nose. About 2 weeks after giving up […]

Iron tonic

I have been trying to write a post on my health issues that led me to going gluten free but it is such a long story that I am afraid that everyone will loose interest before getting to the point….if there even is a point!!?!? Maybe the point would be the amount of sheer research […]

“I can’t ear you” Ear Oil

My daughter has been asking many “pardon”s, “What’s you say?”, and “What?”s lately.  She has also said many “I can’t hear you” which has me concerned. I am not to the point of actually worrying if there is something wrong with her hearing.  They did test her hearing when she was born and they had […]