Seeing the Forest Through the Trees?

I had such big plans for this year.  The kids entering full day school was going to be my window of opportunity to really push and start up the new career that had started here.  I was going to take on more teaching and talking engagements, design and launch a new site, develop a huge […]

My Face Lives a Real Mama Life

The realities of motherhood can hit you like a cement head to your nose. and in my case, breaking it in two places We’re linking up our#RealMamaLife stories every Monday…check it out or join in! Find this weeks edition here.  

Can’t Have Nuttin’ Nice if You’re Living a Real Mama Life

My mom’s (or should I say ‘Momma’) family is all from the Southern US.  I have a gaggle of aunts, uncles and cousins strewn about North & South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  You might remember me mentioning our house in the mountains of NC here, here, and here. One summer when I was about 11 […]

An Attempt at Aging Gracefully

Getting completely off topic – Turning 40 last month hit me pretty hard. I wasn’t ready for 40….I’m still not ready. Getting older is fucked up. The changes to my perspective – my attitude toward many things, has relaxed and is a nice reprieve after years of drama and emotional roller coasters.  Things that at […]

Lying about their age

My kids have been lying to me the last couple of weeks.  Pretending that they have grown out of naps.  Insisting that we had met the age limit, the stage, the maaah-churrr-ity to not need them anymore. I. AM. A. SUCKER We may have reached an age that naps are not needed everyday but oh […]

quantity and quality

I have been going to seminars and conventions and blogging workshops and marketing thingies and one of the things that has been said over and over when it comes to blogging is ‘Quality over Quantity’. I keep this mantra going in my head as days pass that I haven’t posted hoping that my readers would […]

Almost Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Well maybe not quite yet but maybe I can see the forest through the trees?  I am getting closer to being able to take a deep breath and be more in the moment (yes thank you Eckhart Tolle, Buddha and even Oprah for the idea) but in practice….well life has been far to busy to […]

Why I shouldn’t be allowed in public

This week I have had two ridiculous thing happen to me….. Today I scrubbed the bathroom floor.  Today I threw my back out while on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor.  Today I crawled, crying, out of the bathroom to the living room rug barely clearing a spot on the floor of the […]

The Rottenest of Cats

I would like to introduce you to worst, most horrible, nasty monster ever….be afraid….very afraid Mini the cat I have had this cat since 1997 when the humane society said she was two years old.  That makes her 16 years old.  She looks just like a kitten, beats up the neighbourhood cats, eats like a […]

Curdled cream and Cat Barf

We are now into week two of the kids starting school.  Everyone kept asking me what I was I going to do with my free time.  I knew I could fill it but with what?  What was going to be my priority?  An uninterrupted shower? A quiet breakfast? The kind of cleaning that is impossible […]