Seeing the Forest Through the Trees?

I had such big plans for this year.  The kids entering full day school was going to be my window of opportunity to really push and start up the new career that had started here.  I was going to take on more teaching and talking engagements, design and launch a new site, develop a huge […]


I am knitting again….it’s my winter sport. For about 6 months of the year I knit. I am a good knitter, not a great knitter but I have gotten good enough to be able to design a few patterns of my own.  I have made tons of hats and booties for my own kids but […]

Allowed out in Public

Parenting Article November 2012 edition an article written for another publication Me and the cousin in Time’s Square’s bleechers My twins turned five in October.  It has been a long five years that has also flown by.  I still remember, like a dream-like-state, that first year.  The endless nights full of sleep deprived hallucinations, and […]

Riping off the Kofta

I love it when I am so inspired by another recipe that I have to make it my own….this happened to me recently.  Two things pushed me over the edge to have to make this….my version of it. The first is this amazing Afghany restaurant up the street from us.  Their menu is amazingly spiced […]

Healthier Pot du Creme with Raspberries

So I have this friend right….and he is kinda amazing at what he does.  He truly is one of the few people I now personally that I can learn endlessly from about food and I love chatting food over a good bottle of wine.  We come at food from very different places.  As you know, […]

Why stuff matters and how we have it all wrong

I belong to a parents of multiples group (some members have triplets or more!) and as I have mentioned before, it has been overwhelmingly helpful, wonderful, inclusive, friend making, supportive, and a million other things.   There are monthly meetings for those in your area and those are the ones you tend to ‘friend’, run into […]

The wild seduction of FOOD

I am blessed with amazing friends.  I am surrounded by amazingly talented, funny, crazy, loving people.  People who have traits that I wish I had – so I surround myself with them in hopes that I will somehow, through osmosis, leach some of this talent from them….thats not entirely true…I don’t want them to have […]

How a snowball starts an avalanche

I have had this blog post title sitting in my drafts folder for months.  I typed it with one subject in mind and then as I started to write realized it wasn’t right.  I have held on to it knowing that it would be appropriate at some point….loving the visual….but what was it for?  A […]

Everybody’s working for the weekend

I am at a stage in life where the weekend can be the busiest part of my week.  Rarely is there a weekend that Big Daddy doesn’t work part of so when he is around we have to become super productive multi-taskers.  Grocery shopping (I don’t drive so this can only really happen with him) […]


My husband and I aren’t ‘big dealers’.  We don’t make a big deal about stuff.  We rarely celebrate our own birthdays with much flair (I make a bigger deal about his generally) and we almost never do much about our wedding anniversary (he was away camping on our first wedding anniversary while I was home […]