What Now Mama?

Today is day 12 of my kids being in full day school.  I have been ‘released’ from my duties of being a full time mom.  There are now 6 ½ hours a day that the kids are in school.  6 ½ hrs to get things done.  6 ½ hours!!! 6 ½ hours to tackle this […]

Now What?

I didn’t mean to go AWOL for so long.  I haven’t meant to be social media missing for so many weeks and I am sorry. Life has a wonderful way of throwing you curve balls. I guess tons of behind the scenes work and suffering from a terrible case of ‘Mommy burn out’ wasn’t enough.  […]

Why Should I be Taken Seriously?

My Grandfather (“Papa”, one of the smartest people I have ever known) used to say that the really smart people are the ones that know they don’t know everything and see how much there still is to learn….they recognize that there are life times worth of learning. A ‘smart person’ approaches life and other people […]

The Business of Blogging

I am going into business…..for myself.  The business of blogging.  It seems so strange after all the school’n I have had, the subjects I have studied, that this is what sticks. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately.  This will change soon.  I am currently working behind the scenes-  […]

Table for 5

Life seems to have started going at a mach speed lately. It’s funny the way memory and brains work. The twins will be 4 1/2 soon and I can’t figure out how they got so old, but I also can’t remember life without them.  It feels like it is almost everyday that Big Daddy and […]

Mummy almost reporting for duty

I have been sick.  The kind of dumb sick that you just can’t seem to rid your self of.  It started as a minor head cold and moved into double full fledged bacterial pink eye with a sore throat (something that bordered on feeling like strep).  A couple of days in (and with me, Big […]

Infertility and Makin Babies……

I have had a few people ask about this and I have finally felt like I have enough perspective on the subject to see it and am finally ready to tell our story of infertility and IVF When my husband and I were ‘cycling’ with IVF a few years ago we kept very quite about […]

C is for Cookie and Cookie Pig

That movie ‘Yes Man‘ was on the other night.  It is a ok’ish movie.  It is Jim Carrey doing his best kind of ‘Jim Carrey’ and Zooey Deschanel doing her best ‘Zooey Deschanel’ which is always charming.  It was good enough for me to sit through it and I don’t waste my time on much. […]

How a snowball starts an avalanche

I have had this blog post title sitting in my drafts folder for months.  I typed it with one subject in mind and then as I started to write realized it wasn’t right.  I have held on to it knowing that it would be appropriate at some point….loving the visual….but what was it for?  A […]

Something I am proud of

Something I am very proud of and have always stuck to my guns about in the face of much criticism, judgment and push to do otherwise. Gabe’s is the same We have never wavered on this decision or wondered if we should do otherwise. The more I learn the more resolute I am in our […]