Organic Food: Is it Safer and More Nutritious?

Do you try to eat organic? All organic? Some organic? If it’s on sale? Why do you eat organic? Or why don’t you? Do you know why your life and the life of the planet might depend on it? What is organic? The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. […]

Vapour Rub

Have you ever watched that show My Strange Addiction?  Yeah me neither…..but did you see the one episode where the woman would eat tubs of Vick’s Vapor Rub?  She said that she loved the smell so much that she had to eat it……..I guess it makes more sense than eating the stuffing out of throw […]

Make your own Baby Bum Spray

My kids are now 5 1/4 years old now.  They are learning to read and write.  They are going to be in grade one in the fall.  So why write about baby stuff?  Well I have had a few email questions about what I did when it came to diapering my kids.  So I thought […]

Alone in a Crowd

This past weekend my family and I joined friends for the annual tree cutting.  Every year the same group of families go to the same farm and ride the hay ride out into the fields to pick our Christmas trees, cut them down and head to one of our homes for hot chocolate and lunch. […]

The Health Benefits of Using Cast Iron

Those of you with children will remember those first few months when you brought the first one home.  The auto-pilot daze you went into.  A survival mode of sorts.  Well, times that buy 50 and you have bringing home preemie twins with medical issues. It is possibly one of the worst ways to be welcomed […]

How to make Almond Milk

Geez I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to find those little tiny teets on the almonds…….. Almond milk is remarkably easy and SOOOO much yummier than the store bought stuff.  Home made has a much stronger nutty almond taste which I really like.  From the various batches I have now […]

Why stuff matters and how we have it all wrong

I belong to a parents of multiples group (some members have triplets or more!) and as I have mentioned before, it has been overwhelmingly helpful, wonderful, inclusive, friend making, supportive, and a million other things.   There are monthly meetings for those in your area and those are the ones you tend to ‘friend’, run into […]

What’s in your cream??

As far as health is concerned I am a strong believer in ‘toxic load’  What I mean by this is that we all do things that aren’t particularly good for our health but are an absolute necessity in our lives.  We live in a big city.  We are exposed to endless pollutants, radio, cellular and […]

Product review – Moo Goo

I belong to quite a few groups on FaceBook and have a few web sites that I visit often.  One of the FaceBook groups that I belong to is ‘Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children’.  Not only is it a great resource for vaccine information but as a group we help each other out with all […]

Kids are smart

I love finding stuff like this.  I love grassroots learning and when results can been seen by a child.   Now if that potato still has enough life force to sprout and start to grow vines in a week, imagine how good it is for you.