Salad Nicoise

With babies, there is a period in between spoon feeding puree foods and efficient finger food eating that is particularly troublesome.  It is usually during this period that the little nuggets figure out that throwing food on the floor is fun….this I loathed.  I hated that all the effort I had made to feed them […]

Weekend Breakfast of Poached Eggs in a basket

One of the things I am really enjoying with the kids being on summer holiday is that every morning is an opportunity for a weekend-like breakfast.  No rushing to get dressed, no gulping down breakfast and rushing down to the school.  Now we lounge in jammies a bit longer and cook a big hot breakfast.  […]

Breakfast this Morning – Cheesey Potato Torta

Now I am not sure if I can legally call this a Torta or not….so sue me.  My only experience with Tortas is layers of bread but now with me being ‘the gluten free’ and gluten free bread being what it is…..well layers of bread this Torta was not going to be.  Don’t get me […]