Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins

I will come clean right from the start.  This recipe is not my own……in that it is a very slightly altered version of the absolutely amazing Apple Spice Coffee Cake by Danielle at Against all Grain. My kids will often say over a meal they particularly like “YUM! Mummy is the best cooker”.  I won’t […]

Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal

Even though my household is slowly moving toward a mostly Paleo diet we are struggling with breakfast for the kids.  I can happily eat dinner leftovers but the kids are fond of breakfast foods…..and don’t want eggs everyday.  I have been making huge batches of low-grain granola that is eaten with either almond milk or […]

Sweets from the Earth

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of being invited to join the Food Bloggers table at The Gluten Free Expo – Toronto.  I got the invite from Jax at Gluten Free Ontario which was a surprise and flattering.  And Oh Boy am I glad that I went!!  Not only is Jax super nice […]

Low-Grain Granola

I have been slowly reading and ‘digesting’ (see what I did there?) more and more of Wheat Belly and the concepts behind the Paleo Diet, GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet).  The need to go gluten free first opened my eyes to diets beyond Atkins and low-cal to ones that […]

Weekend Breakfast of Poached Eggs in a basket

One of the things I am really enjoying with the kids being on summer holiday is that every morning is an opportunity for a weekend-like breakfast.  No rushing to get dressed, no gulping down breakfast and rushing down to the school.  Now we lounge in jammies a bit longer and cook a big hot breakfast.  […]

An argument for EGGS

Excuse me while I climb up on my soapbox for a minute (or two)…. The more I study nutrition…and I don’t mean Canada Food Guide/American Food Pyramid “nutrition”….but what I can best describe as a Holistic Traditional Nutritional approach – one based on Holistic Nutrition and Traditional Diets, the more I find we are now […]

Pancake Bread and How to Make Peanut Butter

I sometimes wonder if we have convenience fooded ourselves into ridiculousness. How stupid it is to deny ourselves the most important thing – health – to make way for the convenience and free time to do what?  Watch terrible tv? I am not accusing everyone of doing this….so please don’t send me nasty messages accusing […]

Feeling a little Mexicany?

I really like Mexican food and if you stick with the corn versions of tortillas it is inherently gluten free.  The most common grain in Mexican food is corn……..I will digress here for a second – Corn is also HEAVILY GMO’d and I can not stress enough the need to find a reputable ‘dealer’….’purveyor’…..source.  Because […]

Breakfast This Morning: Why Rice is Good for Every Meal

The easiest of easy, filling gluten free breakfast – I took the left over rice from dinner last nights dinner warmed it up, topped it with a little grated cheddar cheese and a couple of fried eggs.  And I prefer using a gluten free tamari (soy sauce) instead of salt.  Cook time about 5 minutes, […]

Homemade Chai

Chai tea made it on the trend scene a few years back with Starbucks bringing out a Chai Tea Latte.  I have to admit I loved that $5 cup of tea until they reformulated it.  Now it is sweeter and almost thicker and cost over $5 if you want it with soy milk…….as much as […]