When Dreams Come True

They say that life is a journey….but that would imply some intended destination.  If you’re anything like me, most of this journey is being spent craning your neck around trying to see what went flying past at record speed.  I am not very good at the looking forward part or determined driving in a certain […]

Now What?

I didn’t mean to go AWOL for so long.  I haven’t meant to be social media missing for so many weeks and I am sorry. Life has a wonderful way of throwing you curve balls. I guess tons of behind the scenes work and suffering from a terrible case of ‘Mommy burn out’ wasn’t enough.  […]

Radio Silence

I need to apologize in advance.  There is going to be ‘radio silence’ here for a little while while I work behind the scenes. As few of you know, this blog started innocently as a record for my kids…. a record of their childhood. ….hence the name of the blog Life: A Study…..in other words, […]

Summer sucking and Pesto Pasta Salad

Here I am, up all night tryin’ to get the work done.  Trying to find a quiet moment to myself to put thoughts in a row.  A quiet moment to pay attention to one thing for any stretch of time without being interrupted by a ‘watch this Mummy’, ‘Gabe did’, or a loud crash.  These […]

lern’n new stuffs

I had the great honour of a ‘schoolin in takin food fotos’ last weekend.  I do know and occasionally recognize what is missing and needed here in Life: A Study Land and the quality of photos was/is glaringly bad.  I can come up with many many excuses – one being I have 4 year old […]

quantity and quality

I have been going to seminars and conventions and blogging workshops and marketing thingies and one of the things that has been said over and over when it comes to blogging is ‘Quality over Quantity’. I keep this mantra going in my head as days pass that I haven’t posted hoping that my readers would […]

Almost Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Well maybe not quite yet but maybe I can see the forest through the trees?  I am getting closer to being able to take a deep breath and be more in the moment (yes thank you Eckhart Tolle, Buddha and even Oprah for the idea) but in practice….well life has been far to busy to […]


I have a bunch of half written ‘draft’ posts I haven’t had time to get to.  I am MIA due to a chicken pox outbreak.  On Thursday the school sent home a letter of warning.  Public Health had received notice of a possible case of Chicken Pox in the twins’ school.  The same day, they […]

Guest Posting Part II

The second part of my guest post The Delicate Ego of the Modern Parent went up on Saturday but I am currently living internet-free and will be for another week. Here is a link to Part 2


Welcome readers from Modern Alternative Mama!! I hope you plan on sticking around and read about my life with twins, my kitchen and the challenges of being a thoughtful Mama. For current readers, I have had another post go up here and we are going to have some new friends join us here.  Everyone say […]