Seeing the Forest Through the Trees?

I had such big plans for this year.  The kids entering full day school was going to be my window of opportunity to really push and start up the new career that had started here.  I was going to take on more teaching and talking engagements, design and launch a new site, develop a huge […]

When Dreams Come True

They say that life is a journey….but that would imply some intended destination.  If you’re anything like me, most of this journey is being spent craning your neck around trying to see what went flying past at record speed.  I am not very good at the looking forward part or determined driving in a certain […]

What Now Mama?

Today is day 12 of my kids being in full day school.  I have been ‘released’ from my duties of being a full time mom.  There are now 6 ½ hours a day that the kids are in school.  6 ½ hrs to get things done.  6 ½ hours!!! 6 ½ hours to tackle this […]

Lets be honest, let’s talk Real Mama Life

Do any of us actually live the life we blog about?  Or take Instagram pictures of? Or Tweet? A fellow blogger friend Selena over at Le Petit Reve pointed out this blog post to me.  What Shauna writes about there seems to be part of the current collective unconscious (or shouldn’t it be ‘collective subconscious’?).  […]

The Perception of Joy

I have been thinking a lot about this NY Times article ‘The ‘Busy’ Trap’ lately and it’s observation that “Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the […]

Why Should I be Taken Seriously?

My Grandfather (“Papa”, one of the smartest people I have ever known) used to say that the really smart people are the ones that know they don’t know everything and see how much there still is to learn….they recognize that there are life times worth of learning. A ‘smart person’ approaches life and other people […]

A Mother’s Day Prayer

I am not a pray’r…not really anyway.  I do bow my head occasionally.  I do give thanks and I do chant. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Numb Meyoho Ren-gay Key-yo) I chant to calm my nerves, I chant to calm my anger….to try to bring back my reason when there doesn’t seem to be anything reasonable.  […]

Table for 5

Life seems to have started going at a mach speed lately. It’s funny the way memory and brains work. The twins will be 4 1/2 soon and I can’t figure out how they got so old, but I also can’t remember life without them.  It feels like it is almost everyday that Big Daddy and […]

Infertility and Makin Babies……

I have had a few people ask about this and I have finally felt like I have enough perspective on the subject to see it and am finally ready to tell our story of infertility and IVF When my husband and I were ‘cycling’ with IVF a few years ago we kept very quite about […]

Lying about their age

My kids have been lying to me the last couple of weeks.  Pretending that they have grown out of naps.  Insisting that we had met the age limit, the stage, the maaah-churrr-ity to not need them anymore. I. AM. A. SUCKER We may have reached an age that naps are not needed everyday but oh […]