When Dreams Come True

They say that life is a journey….but that would imply some intended destination.  If you’re anything like me, most of this journey is being spent craning your neck around trying to see what went flying past at record speed.  I am not very good at the looking forward part or determined driving in a certain direction.  I tend to get car sick and I don’t have a drivers license…

Sure I have plans. And more often than not the plans happen because my energy is focused in that direction but not because of my unwavering determination or ambition.

I have been dreaming of a new site for a long time, what I wanted it to look like, feel like, what it would/could say about me and the work I do.  I would get caught up in being overwhelmed with the technical, lose the plot on the coding and have a panic attack at the mountains of things I would have to learn just to learn this other mountain of things.  Lord knows I have gallons of time on my hands right!?!

But yet – here IT is.  Not because of  my determination but because of the dedication of Selena and Trevor.  They would get me focused on the small tasks that I could do while they took care of the rest.  They heard me  – coded it and made it look pretty.  They also focused me on what the plan is for the site which I don’t think I had ever truly defined.

So here I am on my new home turf!!……but even that is a bad name for it because I don’t grow grass, I grow food.  And now thanks to these two, this seed of an idea has grown and I can’t thank them enough.

Now lets get on with this dream……



  1. Emily.

    I’m proud of you.

    Here’s to your dream. May it be sweet, nourishing and fulfilling.

    It sure looks good!

  2. Hot dog, Em. Well, of course not the meat part of hot dog, but rather the tail wagging, excited part.
    You really did it. I’m so impressed. Yay for you. I’ve even signed up for automated emails from you. In real life, I never do that. Says something about you.
    Congrats and I hope you have fun with it. I’m not even going to bother wishing you success because I don’t think you need any help in that department. You da bomb, as the kids (used to) say here. I have no idea what they say now.

  3. I forgot to mention that I really like the elegant design of your site, too, so more congrats for that.

  4. Robin Jones says:

    Wow. Fab. Looks amazing. Phew! I’m not gonna go all mommy on you and tell you how talented and amazing and insightful and funny and smart you are. Unless you want me to? Mwah.

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