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Garlicy Hummus

About once a week it is Big Daddy’s night to make dinner.  Usually it falls on one of my busier days when I haven’t been able to consider dinner early enough in the day to make sure that the meat is thawed and prep done.  Sometimes it is left overs but most often he does […]

Real Food Shepherd’s Pie

This almost Paleo dish was a huge success around here.  Any dinner leftovers were eaten by a certain ‘Daddy Monster’ while he did the supper washing up.  I would like to say that we ate this with a huge salad like I would recommend for you and yours to do but after a very cold […]

Make your own Baby Bum Spray

My kids are now 5 1/4 years old now.  They are learning to read and write.  They are going to be in grade one in the fall.  So why write about baby stuff?  Well I have had a few email questions about what I did when it came to diapering my kids.  So I thought […]

How to make Aioli

This is one of those quests that seemed hard at first.  It seems every recipe is different, all with warnings as to why the other method shouldn’t be done. I tried a few different methods and had a couple of absolute failures.  My food processor doesn’t want to ‘whip it into creamy submission’ and putting […]

Chicken Noodle Soup

Sometimes we got so caught up in the ‘other’ that we miss the simple.  This week my husband got sick with a bad cold or a flu.  He has an amazing immune system so a cold for him is a slightly runny nose and the need for an extra couple of hour of sleep a […]

Beer Braised Pulled Pork Tacos with Pico de Gallo

Every once and a while there is a recipe I work on that makes me happy right down to my toes.  One that classically has gluten and dairy but doesn’t leave me feeling like it might have been better if I could eat gluten and dairy.  That it is perfect and delicious just the way […]

Braised Vegetables

Roast Beef with Braised Vegetables and homemade Horseradish Mayo I’m not sure if I will actually get the posts I promised done this week.  A couple of my planned shots were eaten by someone in this house before I was able to take a picture……I’m not naming names or nothin’……. but I don’t know if […]