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Chili con Carne

The weather has just started to change here. The evenings are getting cooler and some days aren’t that hot.  Even when I was a student, and this weather meant the impending doom of school starting, I liked it.  I like that the hot days end with a reprieve of cool open window sleep weather.  I […]

An Attempt at Aging Gracefully

Getting completely off topic – Turning 40 last month hit me pretty hard. I wasn’t ready for 40….I’m still not ready. Getting older is fucked up. The changes to my perspective – my attitude toward many things, has relaxed and is a nice reprieve after years of drama and emotional roller coasters.  Things that at […]

Gluten Free Expo Toronto

Hey Readers, Wanna meet me?  Wanna meet Jax from Gluten Free Ontario? Wanna meet other Toronto based gluten free bloggers? Come out to Toronto’s Gluten Free Expo. Gluten Free Expo Toronto September 30, 2012 10am – 5pm 655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON (DoubleTree by Hilton) Tickets are $12 at the door or save money by […]

Fresh Tomato Pasta

We are currently overwhelmed with tomatoes from the garden.  They aren’t any of the great canning varieties and in some cases not even sliced on a sammy types.  They are from the littlest of little to a larger cherry tomato size.  We have had some strange success from these larger yellow guys that we have […]

How healthy is your healthy diet?

As a ‘real food’ advocate I write/talk/promote/teach about eating real food.  The term ‘real food’ is a real trendy talking point at the moment and is actually defined differently for different people/groups. So I thought I would take a second to explain what that means to me. food  [food] n 1. something that nourishes, sustains, […]