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Lemony Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken

I worked for a few years at a ‘fancy’ restaurant where we did table side Caesar salads.  I loathed when someone ordered one but also prided myself on making a pretty good one… least it was how I like my caesar – garlicly, lemony with just the right amount of cheese and anchovy.  There are […]

Weekend Breakfast of Poached Eggs in a basket

One of the things I am really enjoying with the kids being on summer holiday is that every morning is an opportunity for a weekend-like breakfast.  No rushing to get dressed, no gulping down breakfast and rushing down to the school.  Now we lounge in jammies a bit longer and cook a big hot breakfast.  […]

57 Momths

Dear Twinnies Not a good month, not a great summer…….pictures tell the story better than I could It started out great with an easy fun drive down to our house in North Carolina  Everyone traveled so well.  I had packed lots of snacks, we had the car DVD player hooked up and 3/4 of the […]

French Kitchen Presents

One of the nice things about this past holiday – and there were only a few – was seeing my parents after a long stretch in-between visits because of their 5 week tour through France and parts of England (life is rough eh?).  We usually see my mom once a month or at least by […]

When vacations aren’t a vacation

Our family holiday officially went to hell…. It was all too good to be true. Friends coming to stay, two sets of grandparents, cousins galore….too good to be true is right…. Slowly everyone started to cancel including one set of grandparents but we pushed ahead…looking forward to a relaxing holiday. Getting organized and ready to […]

Fennel and Orange Salad

Please excuse my delay in posting – I am on holiday… a ‘real’ holiday with no wi-fi. Luckily we are still cooking and eating and taking pictures…or as they say in the South (where I am) “cookin’ n’ eatin’ n’ picture takin’”. I am now in a small town library editin’ photos and doin’ a […]

Quinoa with cranberries, nuts and seeds

Still trying to eat ourselves out of house and home and I continue to clean out the cupboards.  It is amazing the crazy stuff you come up with when you are determined to not buy more. Yes I have had to make more nut milk and there have been the few things we had to […]