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The Business of Blogging

I am going into business…..for myself.  The business of blogging.  It seems so strange after all the school’n I have had, the subjects I have studied, that this is what sticks. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately.  This will change soon.  I am currently working behind the scenes-  […]

54 Momths and 4 1/2 years

Dear Bedo and Gabes, Another busy month!! We had Unka Terry play guitar and sing at the school one afternoon.  We went and had a crafty afternoon with Elizabeth and her family.  We also had a surprise weekend visit from cousin Amy who had a business trip up this way and an afternoon at Fantasy […]

Healthier Pot du Creme with Raspberries

So I have this friend right….and he is kinda amazing at what he does.  He truly is one of the few people I now personally that I can learn endlessly from about food and I love chatting food over a good bottle of wine.  We come at food from very different places.  As you know, […]

Lemon Trickle Mash Potato Cake

I have been feeling deflated today.  Low energy, generally short fuzed and run down.  As of this past Thursday I have been sick for 4 weeks.  Not deathly ill the whole time but not well.  I thought earlier this week it was a matter of a couple of days and it would be completely gone, […]

Bad Colds, Flus and Bone Broth

Yes and my plight continues……I am still sick.  For those of you counting I am into week four.  It seems insane to me but here I am and for the most part I have done all the right things.  I say for the most part because I am sure I should be and should’ve been […]

Table for 5

Life seems to have started going at a mach speed lately. It’s funny the way memory and brains work. The twins will be 4 1/2 soon and I can’t figure out how they got so old, but I also can’t remember life without them.  It feels like it is almost everyday that Big Daddy and […]