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52 Momths

Dear Bea and Gabe, Here we are another month later. And although I don’t have the monthly major landmarks that happen when you are little, every month new fantastic crazy things are happening.  From your ability to express yourself to making crazy connections between things.  Often connections I haven’t thought of in a long time […]

Infertility and Makin Babies……

I have had a few people ask about this and I have finally felt like I have enough perspective on the subject to see it and am finally ready to tell our story of infertility and IVF When my husband and I were ‘cycling’ with IVF a few years ago we kept very quite about […]

Yummy Chicken, Racheal Ray, and Drinking Games

Embarrassingly I have been watching quite a bit of Rachael Ray lately. I have gone so far as to PVR the show. I loathe to even admit it because if you have the same visceral response to her as I do you might accidentally punch me in the face when I say that. Truth is […]

Feeling a little Mexicany?

I really like Mexican food and if you stick with the corn versions of tortillas it is inherently gluten free.  The most common grain in Mexican food is corn……..I will digress here for a second – Corn is also HEAVILY GMO’d and I can not stress enough the need to find a reputable ‘dealer’….’purveyor’…..source.  Because […]

Lying about their age

My kids have been lying to me the last couple of weeks.  Pretending that they have grown out of naps.  Insisting that we had met the age limit, the stage, the maaah-churrr-ity to not need them anymore. I. AM. A. SUCKER We may have reached an age that naps are not needed everyday but oh […]

Apple Crisp or Crumble

Apple Crisp was the very first dessert I learned how to make.  Someone, my mom maybe, got me this book From this book my cooking and baking love started.  You can see how ‘loved’ it is…the cover has completely come off, oil stained, food stained, dog eared and foxed (yes I am totally dropping book […]

Egg Carton Trucks

My kids are at a wonderful age for silly crafts….did I tell you about Gabe’s glittery turd Christmas decoration?…It made my heart explode with parental pride and happiness and reminded me of the million reasons I went through IVF. Why I wanted kids in the first place…why I did the multiple injections a day….what I […]

“I can’t ear you” Ear Oil

My daughter has been asking many “pardon”s, “What’s you say?”, and “What?”s lately.  She has also said many “I can’t hear you” which has me concerned. I am not to the point of actually worrying if there is something wrong with her hearing.  They did test her hearing when she was born and they had […]