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What’s Mine, What’s Yours and the Marriage of the Two

I was raised by a single mom.  I have a dad but he wasn’t around a lot.  They split up when I was two.  I have little to no memory of them as a couple.  I have memories of the house that we lived in when they were together but my dad lived there for […]

Dinner Last Night – Beef Bourguignon/Stew

I was recently diagnosed with low iron….like painfully low iron.  The kind of low iron that alarms the doctor when he reads the labs.  The kind where he starts writing prescriptions, suddenly seems busy, looking at you concerned and sifts through all the other lab work you have had over the last few years. Low […]

50 Momths

Dear Bea and Gabe…..Chicklettes, Twinnies, Littles, Loveys…. Every reason I wanted to have a baby…every reason I wanted to create a family was all about the holidays.  It was the holidays that I dreamed of when I was going through IVF.  It was the craziness of Christmas morning that I wished for.  This year, at […]

The wild seduction of FOOD

I am blessed with amazing friends.  I am surrounded by amazingly talented, funny, crazy, loving people.  People who have traits that I wish I had – so I surround myself with them in hopes that I will somehow, through osmosis, leach some of this talent from them….thats not entirely true…I don’t want them to have […]

Homemade Chai

Chai tea made it on the trend scene a few years back with Starbucks bringing out a Chai Tea Latte.  I have to admit I loved that $5 cup of tea until they reformulated it.  Now it is sweeter and almost thicker and cost over $5 if you want it with soy milk…….as much as […]

Breakfast this Morning – Cheesey Potato Torta

Now I am not sure if I can legally call this a Torta or not….so sue me.  My only experience with Tortas is layers of bread but now with me being ‘the gluten free’ and gluten free bread being what it is…..well layers of bread this Torta was not going to be.  Don’t get me […]