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49 Momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabe This month was full of preparations for Christmas, family house guests and the Santa Clause Parade. We are in a great school routine and you guys really love it.  We have had wonderful fall/winter weather so we have been spending a lot of time outside especially after school. Developmentally you just […]

Dinner Last Night – Chili

Not only did we recently have house guests but we are slowing rolling into winter too.  This year has been a particularly slow roll with record breaking warm weather the last couple of weeks.  It’s not impossible for us to have had some snow at the end of November….this year I been walking the kids […]

How a snowball starts an avalanche

I have had this blog post title sitting in my drafts folder for months.  I typed it with one subject in mind and then as I started to write realized it wasn’t right.  I have held on to it knowing that it would be appropriate at some point….loving the visual….but what was it for?  A […]

quantity and quality

I have been going to seminars and conventions and blogging workshops and marketing thingies and one of the things that has been said over and over when it comes to blogging is ‘Quality over Quantity’. I keep this mantra going in my head as days pass that I haven’t posted hoping that my readers would […]

Dinner Last Night – Spicy Shrimp & Corn Chowder

I will start by admitting that this isn’t the healthiest of meals, although all real food…..and it is really yummy and the perfect cold weather warm up feed up.  I only make this maybe twice a year, always on cold days and I love that I can throw it together with ingredients that are almost […]

Breakfast this Morning – Pumpkin Oatmeal

Ever wonder what to do with all the leftover pumpkin after Halloween.  In the immortal words of Weird Al  ‘Just Eat It’.  Making pumpkin puree is relatively easy and it can be frozen for later use.  I haven’t ‘done’ my puree for the year yet.  Big Daddy composted our jack-o-lanterns before I got a chance […]

Gluten Free Cheesecake

I am not a huge junk food person….I think I have mentioned that before.  I am not a fan of low quality anything.  I am a terrible snob that way.  It isn’t a matter of price…in fact the cheaper the better.  It is purely a matter of quality.  You can keep all your shitty chocolate […]

Dinner Last Night : Butternut Squash Soup

I like to cook local ‘in season’ as much as I can.  In Canada, although I am almost as south as you can get in Canada, most of the winter months in local are root vegetables and squash.  I have no objection to this and have found some wonderful ways to enjoy the crap out […]