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48 Momths – The tale of two parties

And then we were four…….  

Dinner Last Night – Chicken Tortilla Soup

It is strange to me that I have never made this before.  It is exactly the kind of thing I love but for some reason I have just never made it.  Even stranger, there are the millions of variations of essentially the same dish.  I suppose they all have slightly different flavours but they are […]

Something I am proud of

Something I am very proud of and have always stuck to my guns about in the face of much criticism, judgment and push to do otherwise. Gabe’s is the same We have never wavered on this decision or wondered if we should do otherwise. The more I learn the more resolute I am in our […]

Almost Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Well maybe not quite yet but maybe I can see the forest through the trees?  I am getting closer to being able to take a deep breath and be more in the moment (yes thank you Eckhart Tolle, Buddha and even Oprah for the idea) but in practice….well life has been far to busy to […]

Like Candy

There are very few candy products that I like.  Even as a child I would always choose chips or baked goods over candy.  And there must be something genetically wrong with me because I am not a fan of chocolate.  Not in the way that most women are.  I only started to understand the addiction […]


I have a bunch of half written ‘draft’ posts I haven’t had time to get to.  I am MIA due to a chicken pox outbreak.  On Thursday the school sent home a letter of warning.  Public Health had received notice of a possible case of Chicken Pox in the twins’ school.  The same day, they […]

Cook Book, Food Book Heaven

This summer when we headed down south I was sad to find out that the terrible US economy had claimed the life of Walden Books.  Originally it’s own chain but then sold to Walmart who merge it with Borders and now it is gone…. I always really liked Walden Books.  There was one in the […]

Dinner Last Night: Chicken Cacciatore

I am much more of a warm/hot weather person than a cold weather person.  I hate winter clothes and I LOATHE socks.  There is only one aspect of cooler weather that I like…..the change in the menu.  We go from eating grilled meats and salads like chick pea or watermelon to roasts, curries, baking and […]

How to Cook Gluten Free Noodles

One of the first things you think when you ‘go gluten free’ is all the stuff you can’t eat.  And if you focus hard enough on that you can make the whole thing a nightmare.  One of the fastest ways to make yourself unhappy is to try to replace all your old eats with gluten […]

Dinner Last Night – Fried Rice

Have I already mentioned it but I threw my back out on Thursday afternoon?….while cleaning behind my toilet.  Because cleaning your toilet isn’t insulting enough. The really tough part of this injury is that it has happened during a crazy busy couple of weeks in this house.  A couple of doctors appointments, a court date, […]