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Dinner Tonight – Tomato Caper Trout

I was lucky and was able to use tomatoes and herbs from my garden I am re-using one of my own recipes….plagiarizing myself!! I developed this recipe for my monthly column in The Bulletwin and I even posted it here once but the photo is terrible.  In my on-going quest to make this a better […]

Why I shouldn’t be allowed in public

This week I have had two ridiculous thing happen to me….. Today I scrubbed the bathroom floor.  Today I threw my back out while on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor.  Today I crawled, crying, out of the bathroom to the living room rug barely clearing a spot on the floor of the […]

47 Momths

Oh and to be almost four!! This month was full of major changes including starting school!  I knew I would never really be truly ready for this so I just made sure you guys were.  I also made sure that we had some really special Mama time before our full day together time ended. One […]

Breakfast this Morning – More Coconut Butter

It is official that I am completely obsessed with the coconut butter. My life is revolving around finding more food vehicles to eat more of it. What did I have for breakfast this morning you ask?  Ok so you didn’t ask but here you are Yes they are store bought gluten free waffles, (oh kill […]

The Rottenest of Cats

I would like to introduce you to worst, most horrible, nasty monster ever….be afraid….very afraid Mini the cat I have had this cat since 1997 when the humane society said she was two years old.  That makes her 16 years old.  She looks just like a kitten, beats up the neighbourhood cats, eats like a […]

Everybody’s working for the weekend

I am at a stage in life where the weekend can be the busiest part of my week.  Rarely is there a weekend that Big Daddy doesn’t work part of so when he is around we have to become super productive multi-taskers.  Grocery shopping (I don’t drive so this can only really happen with him) […]

Breakfast this Morning: Coconut Butter

Ok so there are a few things many things food related that I go crazy for.  I am always trying to create the perfect balance of Hot Sour Salty Sweet….this is also the title of a remarkable cook book by Jeffery Alford that I highly recommend…..sweet is sweeter with a bit of salt, hot is […]

Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Muffins

There is one aspect of gluten-free baking that has eluded me.  I can’t seem to get a recipe made that doesn’t have a slightly damp, gooey middle.  Cakes are fine, breads are fine but muffins, pancakes and waffles are almost always a gross middle.  It is more true the healthier the recipe.  Everything turns out […]


My husband and I aren’t ‘big dealers’.  We don’t make a big deal about stuff.  We rarely celebrate our own birthdays with much flair (I make a bigger deal about his generally) and we almost never do much about our wedding anniversary (he was away camping on our first wedding anniversary while I was home […]

Curdled cream and Cat Barf

We are now into week two of the kids starting school.  Everyone kept asking me what I was I going to do with my free time.  I knew I could fill it but with what?  What was going to be my priority?  An uninterrupted shower? A quiet breakfast? The kind of cleaning that is impossible […]