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Who is your marketing person??

Dear Gaylord Hotels and Resorts I am sure your resorts are beautiful. And that your rooms are well appointed (and I assume well decorated). I would bet that all the food is thoughtfully made and totally on trend. And I will jump to the conclusion that no detail is missed……….but WHO ok’ed your marketing plan […]

Home again home again clicky clack

And the vacation is over….it was only to weeks but it felt as though we were gone for months.  In some ways that is a really good thing….we are relaxed and have regained our senses of humour.  But in other ways it is stressful.  Reorganizing the finances for the month and getting ready for the […]

46 Momths

Holiday!!  Celebration!!  This is the first time in the history of having kids that we got to go away on a holiday!!  Yes we have had week long trips to Grammy and Papa’s house but this was away away.  This was long drives, hotels, airplanes and different country away.  This wasn’t going out of town, […]

The South (not deep)

I LERV it here but sometimes the south is weird Whether you are pro-vaccine or not, this doesn’t instill me with a sense of ‘health’

Family Vacations

There are few things that run true for every parent but I think one that is universally agreed upon is: a vacation with little kids isn’t much of a vacation.  Usually the only difference is that you aren’t working (which isn’t the case for me) and both parents are on duty which sometimes can be […]

Guest Posting Part II

The second part of my guest post The Delicate Ego of the Modern Parent went up on Saturday but I am currently living internet-free and will be for another week. Here is a link to Part 2


I found this at the local market here.  I have yet to taste it but I will let you know.  It isn’t organic but look at the colour!!  You know those cows are grass fed so it can’t be all bad.  The truly amazing thing about this locally made butter is the price!   I […]

Summer vacations of the past and future

The driveway  The days of swimming at Smith Dock, catching fireflies, late night movies, shopping for cute dresses with my Gramma, playing with endless distant cousins and snacking on gold fish crackers and cokes on the porch are over.  The summers of my childhood are gone. Sadly my grandparents are no longer with us.  Something […]

Things I never thought I would say but marriage and having kids has brought out the best in me

“Please don’t fart when I’m eating”“NO no no no no no…..not on the carpet .ooooooooooookay and nevermind”“Get your hands out of your bum”“Wash your hands after touching that”“The toilet is not a toy”“Get your feet out of your brothers mouth”“Nope you only wipe your own bum”“no poo isn’t a toy”“that’s not for eating”“Leave the dogs […]


Welcome readers from Modern Alternative Mama!! I hope you plan on sticking around and read about my life with twins, my kitchen and the challenges of being a thoughtful Mama. For current readers, I have had another post go up here and we are going to have some new friends join us here.  Everyone say […]