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45 Momths

Dear my Loves, We can celebrate that we love summer.  What a fun challenging difference this summer is from the last.  This one is much more about keeping you guys busy and wearing you out while last summer was more about small outings to preserve naps. We have been to every park within walking distance […]

Dinner Last Night: Sick Soup

I first wrote about this soup (see bottom of post) last year in the fall as cold and flu season was starting up. During the recipe development I made numerous pots of it and ending up freezing about 8 litres of it.  Almost a year later we have eaten all of it and now with […]

What is doing, undoing…..not getting done and getting framed

So I have been busy…and slightly sick My parents came to spend 5 days with us which is always super fun and super busy. But it also doesn’t give me much time to sit down and write and what little time I did have I had to finish up a double bill article that will […]


Struggling through an article for Modern Alternative Mama.  I think I have all the bits and pieces it is now just finding a way of putting them all together.  It is hard with so little down time….so little quiet.  The kids have been on a crazy schedule lately that keeps them up late on the […]

Breakfast this morning: Po-tay-toe

I love the combination of potatoes and eggs.  Because I don’t eat toast….generally speaking…(being gluten free) I have become a bit of a potato whore when it comes to breakfast. This morning I make Rosti. (I think there is suppose to be the double dots over the O but I don’t know how to do […]

To Do List: Saturday July 9th 2011

One of the big lessons on being a stay at home mom is recognizing when Mama is going to go postal and make plans to get out…….or in my case this time,   ……thanks Meaghan and Toni xo

Because I love it

There are a million things that I think are a total waste of money and I hate that these things are sold to us like we couldn’t live without them.  A good one is the idea of all the baby crap that we are told is necessary when you have a baby.  Most of it […]

Not my usual post

I have no real intentions of turning this into an anti-vaccine form.  One day I will create a page and explain our reasons for not vaccinating but this made me cry.  I will state, known and well publicized fears like Autism are not what truly scare me although they are something we should be doing […]

My first batch of Kombucha

It’s good!!…. it is very carbonated and doesn’t have as much of the fermented fruitish flavour as the stuff I buy (maybe I needed to leave it longer or have warmer weather?) but I bet the kids will like this more than the store bought stuff. Even the Hubby likes it and has been drinking […]

Watermelon salad

On the never ending quest to get the family to eat healthy I am also searching out new recipes.  One of my favourite sources is the local health food shop and it’s vegetarian deli/cafe.  While I am looking through the glass at that days selections I take secretly pictures of the dishes and their ingredients […]