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It’s Jammin’

I made jam…..or maybe it is more of a dessert topping….but it is gooooood. I always find jam too sweet and like all the ‘twice the fruit’ types of fruit toppings so I didn’t add as much sugar to a recipe I found as called for and I am sure it is MUCH better than […]

Dinner Last Night – Roast Chicken

I make the best roast chicken.  There is an art to it, ‘a trick’, and here it is – You cook it at a really high heat…as high as your oven can go without smoking out your house.  My oven can do 425 to 450 depending on how clean it is. Preheat your oven and […]

Kombucha Update Part IV

As I mentioned before I am making Kombucha but have run into a little snag.  The weather!!  I know it sounds weird….the weather has been beautiful here for the most part but not that warm.  It takes warmth for bacteria to grow.  In a dark cupboard in my kitchen it doesn’t get above room temperature […]

Did we lose the plot?

I am concerned with the current perception that a childhood isn’t complete without endless cookies, treats, desserts and trips to McDonalds. I watched an extremely overweight heavy breathing 4 year old eat a box of cookies at the park while the mom said she just couldn’t stop him. No matter how demanding your child is […]

44 Momths

Dear Twin A and Twin B 44 months !!!  Forty Four!! Really!?!? wow.. I am tired.  Tired into my bones.  I have been trying to be the best Mama this month but I am also fighting with trying to claim some time to be just ME!  I have been so busy trying to get some […]

It’s gettin real…..

To Do List: Thursday June 23 2011

To Do List: Have Fun!

To Do List cancelled due to AWESOMENESS! My husband surprised me and took the day off giving us an opportunity to take the kids to a indoor amusement park we had coupons for. So much fun!! Gabe on the train Gabe and Daddy on the train Bea on the spinning balloon Going fast and giggling […]

Kids are smart

I love finding stuff like this.  I love grassroots learning and when results can been seen by a child.   Now if that potato still has enough life force to sprout and start to grow vines in a week, imagine how good it is for you.

The Washstand

I love antique washstands.  They are a perfect size, they have tons of storage, and they are generally pretty.  I got a hold of an old one recently and it had been well loved and strangely stained and stripped.   Now I don’t fancy myself some visionary but I did take two semesters of Interior […]