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You too can be a fan of mine….I know I am

I wanna be a fan!!

Dinner Last Night

The Virgo in me hates dinners that aren’t planned ahead.  I like knowing what I am making tonight so I can prepare and in fact, when you are someone who has decided to feed your family only ‘real’ food you need to be organized like that.  There isn’t the option of pulling a frozen pizza […]

43 Momths

Dear Monkeys, Again I fail at getting this done on time but you’re too young to know any better so you will just to forgive me.  I know my time for that excuse is wearing thin and soon you will be taller than me and rolling your eyes if I let you down. There was […]

Kombucha Part I

Because of Gabe’s bowel surgery as an infant I am constantly on the search for things that would help heal and keep his guts healthy.  We are a family of probiotic eaters but I always think there must  be more I can do.  There are always products and foods I don’t know about that could […]

Article for Modern Alternative Mama

So I am published author again……elsewhere…… Writing this column was incredibly cathartic ……and hard, there were a lot of tears, but I think I might be close to finally letting this go completely…..

Shamefilled Self Promotion

So here I am whoring myself to the internet world. I have been blogging for 5 years now.  Sometimes frequently, most of the time sporadically. I made one promise when my twins were born and I realized how hard it was going to be to make mental notes of all the major landmarks times two–that […]

My Mom Rocks

I found and posted this article on Facebook.  I endlessly find things like this interesting. One of the truly interesting fact about this article is that is had a different name when I posted it.  It was called “Parents keep Child’s Gender Secret” And referred to the child as “he” in a photo caption.  […]