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42 Momths – 3 and a half

Dear Bea and Gabe Three and a half eh?  How did that happen?  I look back at all the baby pictures of you guys I have, my little new born Capons, then my chubby little roasters, then full size turkeys and NOW….well now you’re….well you’re not poultry at all…you’re like little people.  I find that […]

Cutting the Burrs out

We have been a away for a few days.  Its been nice to take a break and relax….as much as you can with two kids.  Trips to my parents house are always kinda chaotic but we do have an opportunity to take turns being point guard with the kids and let someone sleep in.  My […]

10 Years Old

Today is our 10 year anniversary…….. Not married, it took us forever to get married. Not the day we met, this summer we will have been friends for 19 years. It is the day the friendship turn to something more and we have never looked back. It has been 10 years with the best man […]

Nut Dust

In my quest to live healthier I am always reading other ‘healthy living’ blogs.  Sometimes I can’t believe what other people can and will do (sorry, as good for me as it might be, I’m not drinking my morning pee…..even if you know a guy who can put it in capsules for me….sorry I’ll pass) […]