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41 Momths

Dear Bea and Gabe, This month was a strange one of trying to keep busy, keep moving and wait out the end of winter.  We have been getting the occasional nice day when the sun shines and although it might be cold and there is still snow on the ground it is nice enough to […]

The Food Lady

So much in life is learning the fine balance of…..well….life! I have never really struggled with the balance of how I want to live my life…..or what is important to me but I have struggled, and still do, with how to express that to the world.  How do I live staying true to my values […]


I have always loved to cook but going gluten free has forced me to learn a whole new language of food.  I have loved the challenge.  Although there seems to e no evidence as of yet that the kids have to be gluten free, we eat most meals sans gluten….because I do all the cooking.  […]

Midnight Snack

The twins are now old enough that they can sit with us for dinner at dinner time.  It is a very early dinner (5:30 or 6) but it is nice to have another family meal on the schedule.  When they were younger we were having breakfast and lunch together but the way their feed schedule […]