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40 momths

Dear Gabe and Bea, Little Man and Beanie, Mister and Twiddle, With every month that passes I can’t believe I was bestowed the honour of being your mom. This is even more true now that you guys are an age that is SO much fun for everyone.  There are ages that are really only interesting […]

Worth the read

 Really worth the read and makes me beg the question…..then how do I raise a MAN

Mighty Life List

I post this list for the first time in June of 2009.  Now two years later this is how much I have accomplished.  I have added to it since then.  There are a few things that you will notice are only partially crossed off.  These are things that have been done ‘in part’, have been […]

What did your family have for dinner?

Today for dinner we had Tomato Caper Trout……….yummy Sorry for the bad photo…I started eating and decided a pic was needed for the post It is a easy recipe and the kids will eat this, usually without the Tomato caper Sauce Here’s how you do itPreheat oven to 375In a bowl mix together 1 cup […]

Stuff that hurts

I don’t think it matters how old you get. There are things that hurt just like high school.  I guess it doesn’t matter how mature you get, you can still care what people think.  I may not outwardly seek approval or really care what people think but when they do something hurtful it is amazing […]

Sugar free, Healthy Oil, Totally Yummy Granola

Oh Granola how do I love thee…… I love granola and since being declared ‘Gluten Free’ it has limited the buy-able options. Suddenly I have to be careful of the quality of the oats and if there are ‘wheat puffs’ or some such…. I have always been told that making granola is easy but have […]