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36 momths and totally late

Dear Bedo and Gabes I suck……I really suck. I have been trying to stay on top of too many things and this fell to the wayside. I am sorry. The problem is I can’t see life slowing down enough to feel caught up on anything for a while. I think this week is the slowest […]

35 Momths and 4 years Married

Dear Beans and Lil’Man, The months just keep flying by. It doesn’t help that I have been super tardy writing these and usually just finish one and the next is due. Part of the problem is this current blog spot, I am seriously considering just paying for a website. Yes it would be more complicated […]

34 months for you, 38 years for me

Dear Beannie and Monkey, What a funny, busy, silly month we have had. This is the age where you are fun for everyone because it is all so silly. All the talking about such silly stuff. And so many places to be silly with a very busy summer social schedule. This month had BBQs at […]

Thirty Three

Dear Darling and Little Man, Another month and summer is flying by….sort of. It actually feels like it is going a bit slower than last year. Last year never got hot. We had the A/C running for about 5 days but the heat I am used to never set in and it never felt like […]

32 and counting

Dear Bedo and Gabes, Another month has flown by and I am amazed that I still have so much to tell you. So much happens every month and I want you to know everything. This month started with a trip to Stratford to visit Gampa and Gamma. It was a wonderful hot day so we […]

Cha Cha Cha Changes

I can’t say that the changes that have happened in the last couple of years have somehow profoundly changed me but maybe it is closer to say, happened as a result of a profound change. I can’t say that I spent any time crying, lamenting or even worrying about the choices I have made. I […]

30 Months

Dear Bedo and Gabes, Pretty Girl and Handsome, Biddle and Little Man, lovey and lovey Sooooooo 30 months eh? 2 and a half? WOW! You turned 2 1/2 on Grammy’s 60th Birthday!! Spring sprung for good this month and it’s a good thing. I was having a harder and harder time keeping the two of […]

One month before two and a half

Dear Bedo and Gabes, So another month has past. They fly by faster and faster and my babies are no longer babies. I have a couple of little kids…..and it makes me miss the yummy snuggles and cuddles of the little guys. I have been looking at baby pictures of you guys a lot this […]


Dear Bedo and Gabes I can’t believe how fast the months are flying past and you guys aren’t even close to being my babies any more. Kids… are kids! not even toddlers but kids~! When did that happen? We are slowly starting the potty training campaign but I have to admit that our lack of […]

27 months

Dear Bedo and Gabes, Another month of craziness and time just seems to fly by. I have always hated winter, the short days and constant darkness …they always felt like they lasted for years but this year winter is flying by. Yes we have spent the last few months in and out of colds and […]