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One and a half years old!!!

Dear Bea and Gabe, So here we are at 18 months…HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? And again like every other month I will tell you about how this one was my favorite. You have both become the most amazing little personalities but really this month was all about language…..HOLY COW the constant talking!! gory= Story gug […]

Pain in the…..

I am tired……not the kinda tired where you want to go to bed but the kinda tired where you wish your brain would shut up. I have been sleeping better unfortunately with the help of Advil every night. It helps keep the swelling of the carpal tunnel down. I still have to wear the VERY […]

Learning to Let GO

My husband and I have been going to a marriage counselor. The stress of twins and living on one income in a very expensive city has had its toll on us. Things weren’t horrible, they never really are with us but they just got……flat and we were snapping at each other a lot. So we […]