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Sweet 16

Dear Beatrice and Gabriel Today you are 16 months old. I am still trying to figure out where the time goes. This month has been full of changes again. WE ARE WALKING!!!! and crashing! It is amazing how everything really does just happen one day. One day you are mostly crawling and then the next […]

Am I crazy??

So the husband and I are serious considering moving to the country. In fact it isn’t just a serious consideration but a serious plan. He is looking for work in the area we plan to move. Once that is lined up we will start to house hunt. This again is all about how much I […]

Identity=Community? or Community=Identity?

All is well at the homestead. The last couple of weeks have whizzed past. We have had a pretty busy social calendar, seeing friends we hardly see, including a bunch of old friends that are pregnant. It has been nice. I seem to know an enormous number of pregnant people right now and it has […]

It seems these days there are few stories of good will, happiness, selflessness, peace and doing the right thing. I have been pleasently surprised lately and feel that maybe this world ain’t so bad after all. here is one and as cheesey as it sounds, almost everything Obama has done lately