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The Tale of Two Months

So this is going to be the super update. I totally blew it last month. Because of my hand surgery the two year entry was finished almost 2 weeks late. So two weeks later when it was time to do the 25 month update it just didn’t feel like enough time had past to have […]


* This was started before your birthday on the date shown but posted well into November. I knew that we had a busy few weeks ahead of us, including hand surgery for me and knew there maybe a great delay while I recouped. I also waited until after your party so we could include that.xo […]


I have come to realize one of the things that I really have to learn to stop doing. I have always said that I have to learn to live in the moment more but I think I have something even worse than that. I project my happiness into the future too. We have had a […]

23 and counting

Dear BeaZee and Littleman , So one month and counting till TWO. It seems crazy that it has only been two years when I don’t remember life without you…..did I have a life before you guys? Certainly not one that counted, mattered or felt as meaningful! Most of September was a busy month. We did […]

2 months from 2

Dear Bea and Gabe, aka Beas and Gabes, Cups and Little Man, B Z (your hip hop name) and Geeeeb, lovey and little… Every month that rolls by I cant believe another month has rolled by. And I can’t believe how much more I like them everytime. OK THIS one was my favorite!! We are […]


Dear Cups and Little Man, NO this was my favorite month!!! We have been so busy that this month flew by. Event after event, party party party…… Like every month I am amazed by the changes. These last couple of months the physical changes are with your physical growth not so much ability. Both of […]

OOOhhhhhh to be 20 months old

Dear B Z and my Handsome Boy, Oh how we have changed!!! And I know I say it every month so I will stay with tradition……THIS was my favorite!! You guys just get yummier and more fun all the time. I have to admit, this monthly letter is getting harder and harder to write every […]


I think some people find romance in the drama they create in their lives. That some how they mean more, count more or are living a more important life if there is someone hurting, judging, or having any feelings about their life. This was true for me as a teen and maybe even into my […]

19 = Nineteen

Dear Little man and Beetlelee Bea, We had a busy month. Unfortunately neither Dada or I were very good about taking pictures. This month we had a baby shower for a old friend of mine. It was in the party room of the condo that she and her husband live in…….the party room on the […]

One and a half years old!!!

Dear Bea and Gabe, So here we are at 18 months…HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? And again like every other month I will tell you about how this one was my favorite. You have both become the most amazing little personalities but really this month was all about language…..HOLY COW the constant talking!! gory= Story gug […]