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10 months and counting

Dear Bea and Gabe, Today you turn ten months old. From now on you will always be double digits in the months old and that’s a major landmark. I can’t believe we are closing in on a year old. Where has all the time gone? This whole summer has flown by. This was another crazy […]

Are you f*^%king kidding me??

While I was still pregnant a friend of mine had a house party. Her, her boyfriend and their housemates are total hippies so I knew there would be pot smoking and political rants but one thing I didn’t count on was the stack of Cosmic Brownies. Yes, do you remember high school when you would […]

Reedin n Ritin n Memberin

I was a student when I got pregnant and had to ‘drop out’. The parents of the other students at the school thought I was a bad influence. My loose promiscuous behaviour. Getting knocked up mid term. They petitioned the school that I should leave before I started to ‘show’. Its all a lie but […]