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The hardest part of a divorce or break up is the loss the future. All the plans and things you could count on, like them being around. Now what?? On Sunday I got an update on a woman who has been my very good friend and support buddy through the IVF and pregnancy process. I […]

walk, stroll and run!!!

How come buying a stroller is so hard?? It has been made so difficult that even when you make a decision you are destined to wonder if that decision was the right one. The features are overwhelming, parent organizing tray with cup holder, duel rear brakes, all terraine tires, reclinable seats to 2, 3, or […]

Bone Tired

I’m tired. The kind of tired where I’m too tired to worry about what I should be doing but too tired to sleep. I just can’t think. Life isn’t easy right now but there is nothing I can do about it. I am currently learning the hardest lesson of my life, faith in the universe […]