Archives for April 2007

My Cheatin Heart

It’s true. I have been unfaithful……….I am cheating on MySpace. After defending it’s honour so many times, I have turned to Facebook. The spouse has had tons of luck finding loads of old grade and highschool and college chums. He is the most popular guy at Facebook. He found his grade three first girlfriend……….and a […]

making new school chums

So I have been back to school for 2 days……that’s 3 classes so far. And I am already struggling with some of the very young girls in our class. Yesterday in our very first class a young maybe 20 year old who I will call…….um ‘Oxana’ was about 20 minutes late for class. The campus […]

School Supplies

Tuesday of this week was orientation at the ‘new school’. We had to meet with student finance, our program director, get all our books and supplies, log into our student portal and then meet for a “Pizza Party” in the auditorium where they took a picture for our student cards. Now this school, besides well […]

What I have been up to

I have been getting nasty message, notes and comments that I haven’t updated my blog in a long time. I had no idea that my musings were held so dear. MY FANS… darling fans………this is why I have been unable to write. I have been very busy. I have been busy running for Miss Florida […]