Archives for March 2007

Who’s Pube?

Last night like every night, the spouse and I both lay in bed reading because as you all know we live in a domestic utopia…. I am nearing the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (again) and He is reading something to do with pesticides? When I turned to the next totally […]

This one face….this one……there

I was in a drug store the other day buying something that is none of your business but because the lines at all the cashiers were so long I thought I would pay at the pharmacy counter to save a few minutes. There was a man, maybe mid forties, slightly over weight, terrible acne, huge […]

Clearing my Throat of all Blame

The Beasts in the cave have been fighting!! No, not just fighting – screaming! There is something soooo weird about not knowing anything about someone’s life except what they fight about. She thinks that he is lazy and messy and could do more around the house.He thinks that she is nagging and shouldn’t take her […]

Borrower….try STEALER

In all of my perfect Zenness (yes it’s a word), I try not to be attached to my ‘things’, ‘bow-lllooong-ings’ but it’s hard. I like my ‘stuff’, my shiit! So where is all my shit?? Like where are my Harry Potter Movies???? I used to have all three, now I just have number 3. Or […]

Time keeps on tickin tickin…..

“Time keeps on tickin tickin in tooo the futurrrrrrrre……” Those that know the song can sing along…. It’s true kids, time does go faster as you get older. It is now 33 days till I start school…..can you believe it?! I get excited just thinking about the smell of school supplies, sharpening my pencils, a […]