Archives for January 2007

Finally Acceptable

So I’ve done it!! I got officially accepted to design school……NOW WHAT!? I have been so focused on this that now I am second guessing everything. Do I really want this? Should I be doing this? Why am I doing this? Can we afford this? WHAT AM I DOING? I do this everytime I make […]

obsessive bloganitis

I found this new web site recently and I am obsessing over it. This is what I do………. me likey alot. just wish she would update it more often CommentsLil Miss ImitationThank you thank you thank you!!!i was wondering what i should be telling people i’ve caught…or ah…got:)not actually sure it’s contagiousand OMGoodness although […]

Promises Promise

I promised C8 that I would never do this but I have posted a picture of MY dog. We have this new fancy lens for the camera. Super zoom lens and I have to admit that I am having WAY to much fun with it. Mostly standing in my bedroom window zooming into the neighbours […]


I accidentally made the most DE-YUMMY dinner last night. So yummy that I have to tell the world……!!!! As a Christmas gift, my naturopath student/working weekends at the finest of health food stores friend gave us an organic boneless lamb leg. I know this sounds weird but if you knew what a foody I am, […]

wedding sores

Today I had lunch with a friend that I haven’t seen in a really long time. She is one of “those” friends that I love and always have fun with but can only take in small doses. Since seeing her last, she married her boyfriend. A wedding that we were invited to and didn’t attend. […]