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Two Momths

Dear Beatrice and Gabriel, You are two months old and although it feels like the time has flown by, it has been the most intense two months of my life. I always planned on writing a monthly letter to you but it is proving difficult, especially the first month when you weren’t even home yet […]


these children were born exactly one week later, october 27th. and as i sit here, typing with one hand, fore the other holds the male child, i tell you that they are what love is and what life is all about and why poetry is written. go forth and propagate!!!! Gabriel Lloyd Beatrice Grace and […]

Down River

It was such a tight fit that my water broke 3 days later on the 23rd of October. I was admitted into the hospital that night not having gone into labour and the waiting game began. I sat in the hospital for 5 days before the babies came and that was too soon.

Tight Fit

I am almost 32 weeks pregnant now and from what I have read it is supposed to be getting tight in there for the little guys. They say you won’t feel such intense movement but should still feel squirming. I still feel tons of movement from both of them and in fact often think that […]

The Twilight Zone

There is a moment, does everyone have it? Before you are totally awake that life hasn’t set in yet. You have just opened your eyes but the reality of your life hasn’t started. I remember when I was had just separated from my first husband, that that 30 seconds of ignorance was the best of […]

The gestational whims of the human female

Pregnancy is weird and sometimes very gross. Some of this is covered in the book ‘The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy’ which I would recommend to anyone that is thinking that getting pregnant would be a good way to keep their boyfriend. It should be mandatory reading for all high school girls. But the stuff they […]

Babies are such a great way to make people

Today is the first day that I truely don’t HAVE to do something. We have been so busy around here and the pressure is on to be ready for the arrival. It is like the months of planning that it takes to be ready for Christmas. This weekend was the baby shower. I haven’t even […]

Amazingly Intense, Potent and Brilliant Body

Virgo Horoscope for week of October 11, 2007 “The faintest star in the night sky is Van Biesbroeck’s star. It’s only about as big as the Earth and is just .002 percent as luminous as our sun. Every other heavenly light outshines it. From one perspective, then, it’s a puny little thing. And yet it […]

“Sleep perchance to Dream”

Baby books will tell you that you ‘might’ have very vivid dreams during your pregnancy………..This is an understatement!!!! My dreams have ranged from crazy sex romps with other women, yes I have had ‘lez-bean’ dreams, although the first one happened during ‘Pride’ weekend here in Toronto and I thought maybe I was just celebrating diversity….subconsciencely…., […]

Smells like new car

So I have moved in…..just me I had to….MySpace it couldn’t support my HTML photo heavy code, templates and flash links ……..I have no idea what I’m talking about….it’s total bullshit. I am still working out the kinks but I think with a good coat of paint we might like it here. In truth I […]