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Halloweeny goodness

The “spouse” and I have decided what we are going to be for Halloween!! BRITNEY & K FED!! I have a blond wig, a T-shirt that I have glitter glued “Mrs. Federline” on the front, a large doll that I bought a baby football shirt for and with a black felt tip, in bold letters […]

life of leisure

I’m bored and everything sucks. This housewife thing isn’t as cool as I thought. If you have no reason to get up and get dressed…….you don’t. And then when my BIG STRONG MAN comes home at the end of the day, he’s tired, wants to eat and go to bed. I’m dying for company, talk […]

get stuffed

Here in Canada we are finishing up Thanksgiving weekend and I tried again to win the turkey eating award but alas……there is aways a stronger competitor that brings me to my knees. Two days and two houses of roasted bird!! Oh the carnage!! One thing that aways becomes apparent during the holidays is how the […]

What the blog?

It’s true, I will spread my lovin arms to any good blogging. I am a bloggin whore. Good blogs have made me realize that some of the books I read read like good blogs- David Sedaris, and the guy that wrote Running with Scissors. Stories of people lives and how they have felt while living […]

hair ball

My cat is currently on antianxiety medication. What is so stressful? (the picture of a cat that I have on this site is NOT my cat, therefore NOT explaning the possible stress level of my cat)The most stressful part of her stress is how much time I spend worrying about her. We originally had her […]


For all my bravado about MY My Space page, I have been completely crap about staying on top of keeping it up to date. This year hasn’t been full enough (new job, sell house, move, wedding after wedding and even a funeral AND eloped with the boyfriend of almost 6 years) I decided to fit […]