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We’ve done it now!! The spouse and I have booked a trip to Mexico……an ALL INCLUSIVE!! Does this enter us into the relm of grey haired biddies? Do I have to learn how to play “canasta”? Our exhaustion from the craziness of the past year of our lives has caught up with us. I told […]

attention to detail

I have a terrible cough that is the remnants of a cold that I have been nursing for the last THREE weeks. I can’t even breathe without it causing a new round of beached seal honking. Yesterday I coughed so much I broke a blood vessel in my eye. I showed it to ‘the spouse’ […]


I am a late bloomer and always have been. Whether it was the boobs I prayed for in high school or signing up for MySpace when everyone else I know has been on for years.I love reading blogs and only hope that I can channel my blogging heros wit and prose,,, to name […]