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Santa Baby

I have been working my butt off. Pulling 50-55 hours a week on the Christmas party teet. Like an old boyfriend, I had romantized the hospitality industry, remembering all the good ol’times. I really had forgotten how much it just really f*^%ing sucks. This tired old bod just can’t do it anymore. All this and […]

To breed or not to breed

It’s late and I can’t sleep. I am feeling overwhelmed…..and for some reason mad. I few posts ago I mentioned that I have the opportunity to return to school. My amazing spouse has offered to look after our finances if I want to ‘continue my education’ This is a huge gift and one that I […]

I Want Stuff

I have No idea and a million ideas as to what I want for Christmas. The Mr. and I have been very frugal the last few years with buying a house that needed tons of work and then his return to school and trying to live solely off my income. So I have gotten use […]


I haven’t been home to be making dinners the last week and I miss it. I love cooking! But tonight I made a very nice lasagna. Here’s what I did: Sauted large onion with 3 cloves of garlic until soft. Mixed together one container of ricotta, one box of frozen spinach (thawed and squeezed of […]


I don’t think in my whole life that I have ever bought myself underpants (whatever you do….don’t say panties!)or socks. These are the few things in life that are and always will be supplied by my mother. Forever and always, christmas and birthday gifts are guaranteed to be supplemented with “ompants and tocks.” The one […]

deal breakers II

The biggest failings or deal breakers in my memory are of friendships not romantic relationships. AT least they are my most interesting… Crissy – She was so painfully insecure that she had to sleep with every boy that we (my best girl and I) thought was cute. We would be out at a club together […]

The Knife

My best friend for many years growing up was Alison. I spent almost every weekend at her house. They had a family story in her house about the time her grandfather pooped so big it wouldn’t flush and he had to cut it up with a knife so it would go down. Every time I […]

deal breakers

I am of the age where the weddings I have attended over the years, the couples are either having children now or filing for divorce. This next set of landmarks has got me thinking about deal breakers. As we have gotten older has our list of deal breakers gotten longer? or has the fear of […]

jagged little pill

I have been curling up in a ball when it comes to writing.Writing is something I have done regularly my whole life – from diaries to letters and emails. I love to write and pride myself on pretty good at it – not in a I should be published kinda way – but in a […]

Halloweeny goodness

The “spouse” and I have decided what we are going to be for Halloween!! BRITNEY & K FED!! I have a blond wig, a T-shirt that I have glitter glued “Mrs. Federline” on the front, a large doll that I bought a baby football shirt for and with a black felt tip, in bold letters […]